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Hi, it seems to me that dreamhost sites are little unresponsive ones, longer loading times than others. I just check out here, anyone else notice this?


I haven’t noticed this with my sites, but I imagine speed could vary quite a bit between physical servers with differing load levels etc.

For a good overview of the speed of sites hosted at DreamHost checkout the sites listed in the following wiki article, all previous winners of the DreamHost site of the month award.



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real slow for me 10 to 20 secs to pull up a site.

sent ticket in over 24 hours ago. i’m sure they will respond at 11 pm when the sites will be quicker due to lower traffic levels.

What server are you on?


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Odd… my site loads up faster than ever right now.

Could just be your server is under heavy load right now?

kenobi anyone else on this server?

Thanks for the info, my sites are on ‘bixel’ and I rarely notice any speed problems. In-fact, as Mousee mentioned for his site, my sites seem be loading faster than ever since the recent extended outage.

It is possible that someone on your server is using more than their fair share of resources. I would suggest checking the server load (via the shell) during the slow periods and, if the server load is excessive, contact DreamHost support with the details and request that they put you on a server with less load.


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I think it depends on which area you are in. I am in London now and it is fast, well also because I have fast internet. Previously when I was holidaying in Asia, my sites were extremely slow…although it was something like broadband.

It could have been the Internet connection you used in Asia that was to blame, or perhaps something along the route was causing problems for the data-flow. This is why it is always a good idea to run a few tests from your connection (eg: trace route etc.) before assuming your DreamHost server is slow.

I am located in Australia (6.4Mbit ADSL connection) and the ‘ping’ from here to the west-coast of the United States is around 190ms. While this extra latency does cause an initial delay in US sites starting to load, the overall site loading times are generally not excessive.


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For me, it is not loading time at all. It is the wait that kills me. “Waiting for…”, that is what I hate. I am on punch, and both of my sites sit there at “Waiting for…” for about 12-20 seconds. I have been thinking of putting a profit site on here, but that wait time is what I don’t like. When you have a profit site up, you have to think of the people that have dial up connections. That wait can be a while for them. If I am wrong, please say so. I have implemented some code on my site that shows on the bottom, it states the load time. I have a DS3 at work and it shows a load time of anywhere from .3 seconds to 1.1 seconds, which is not bad at all, this does not account for the time that it says “Waiting for…” though.
With that said. I am impressed with DH though. I used to work for an ISP and know how things go when you have a power outage. I have been a customer since November, and their customer service is great. I am glad to hear that they have learned a few lessons from the power outage and are taking precautions in case it happens again.

I think it depends on which server you reside and which area you are in.

If it is slow to access all the site, it is your internet connection.

If it is faster to access other sites than DreamHost, and you have this problem constanly, it is possible that the server you reside may be overloaded. In this situation, you may consider to contact DH support. They will check the server and take furthur actions.

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My sites seem to be slow in connecting too. I found a nifty web site that checks loading speed from multiple places around the world:


It says my site is taking over 6 seconds.