Loading of a Cloaked Domain


I have a cloaked domain that refers to my .mac site I created in iWeb. For the most part it’s working great, except that frequently when a user (myself included) visits the site after it’s no longer cached in the browser the user gets a 404 error. If the user refreshes it comes right up.

I’ve seen this problem first hand on both Mac & Window platforms and in multiple browsers and with different ISPs. I’ve also had a few friends tell me “your site wasn’t there.”

Is this a common symptom of cloaking? Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Is this something I should be asking DH support about?

Here’s my cloaked site: http://wedding.djrizzo.com

For those who want to tell me “don’t cloak the site” here’s why I did it:
• Quick & easy authoring that looks good and is easy enough my fiancée can do it.
• One-click publishing that is easy enough my fiancée can do it.
• The cloak allows me to give friends and family a URL that is easy to remember and looks nice on save the date notes. (wedding.djrizzo.com vs. web.mac.com/rizzodj/iWeb/David_Bethany/Welcome.html).