Loading my website


I have a new website that was built using WebPlusx5 but I’m unable to get it to show on my domain. I used Filezilla to load it but I’m still showing the holding page. Can anyone help?



My guess is that you installed the files in the wrong place. When you log into you account you will be in your home directory. In that directory will be a system placed directory with the same name as you domainname.

/home/USER/DOMAINNAME.COM/index.??? = http://domainname.com
/home/USER/DOMAINNAME.COM/FOLDER/index.??? = http://domainname.com/FOLDER


Make sure you put your HTML/php files into the “billyleesolo.com” directory.
Make sure you have your domain fully hosted.

I don’t know anything about WebPlusx5, except at its homepage they mention a ‘free hosting package’, so make sure the website you are creating with WebPlusx5 is stand-alone, not tied into their servers.


Thank You[hr]

Thanks Guy!