Load average

hello guys…
i recently move my sites to dreamhost… i take the machine nilla and especially in this month (july) occur a lot connections problems with the server and because this i ask to dreamhost team move my account to another machine…
now i’m in limbo-spunky3 and there’s no connectins problems… by the way my sites are very slowly to process…
when i check the load average i’ve got

daniel_com@limbo-spunky3:~$ uptime
12:33:03 up 1 day, 20:46, 2 users, load average: 117.51, 131.80, 114.86

it’s not normal… nilla has more users than limbo-spunky3 and has load about 5…

anyone has the same problem.!? or know why it’s happening?

nobody has this problem!! i’m the only one.!?

Here’s what I get:

20:25:50 up 13 days, 6:27, 3 users, load average: 0.38, 0.76, 1.07

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a lot a difference of mine…
i already ask to dreamhost change my machine… i hope it will be beter…

Maybe you’ll luck out and they’ll just move someone else, if the problem is one site/account/user causing the load.

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daniel_com@limbo-spunky3:~$ uptime
12:38:30 up 15:54, 4 users, load average: 209.44, 221.77, 225.20

I guess that’s a little higher than mine. :wink:

22:11:33 up 25 days, 8:13, 4 users, load average: 1.47, 1.91, 1.89

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When switched to DH two months ago, I was on spree server. Average load was 30 - 100 all time and anything except static html was unacceptably slow. After complaining I was moved to a “less loady” server, limbo-spunky3. A few days later, average load peaked up to 150 or more.

Finally I’ve found the fix. I left Dreamhost and switched back to my previous provider where average load is always less than 2.00

I’ll keep my account for the rest of the year, monitoring server load although I’m sure that things will go even worst.

It is odd to me, the reports of people being moved at request to a limbo machine. Are those servers no longer being used for people who’s usage is to high?

As I remember the limbo machines, I think there are three, were used for people who were exceeding the CPU limits as a testing server to see if usage could be reduced. So it seems odd to be placing users who are looking for better preformance on these machines. Perhaps this isn’t the case any more, but it makes me wonder with load averages being so high.

art.googlies.net - personal website

[twinkie]$ uptime
09:41:52 up 7 days, 21:28, 2 users, load average: 25.95, 29.54, 27.16

Welcome to DreamHost.

This is as good as it gets.

Check out this article for more info on your service:


Ooo, something to pick apart :wink: Not sure it this is “yours” or not, but I’ll use “you” since it’s easy to type, hehe.

Sounds terrible!

If that was an issue, why go with Hosting Zoom, which doesn’t appear to offer phone support either? Most hosts don’t provide phone support because it is inefficient and expensive. Your post says HZ does have phone support but I don’t see anything about it on their site?

I can see how it would have been misleading with the Safari problem… except you said you got your money back, so I guess I don’t really see your point unless you want to complain that their money back guarrantee/TOS said you would NOT get your money back but they refunded your money anyway.

Yeah that’s terrible. I assume your presumption is that this is what made your service bad. If that’s the case, why are you using Hosting Zoom and trying to earn more money on referrals? Not only that, but why does every single DH link in that post attempt to get some referral money? I think I counted FIFTEEN HZ referral links!

I think DH should have another datacenter as well, but I find it interesting that HZ claims a 99.9% uptime and then they have this in the TOS:

“Customer agrees to a no-refund policy in advance. Setup fees and monthly web hosting service fees are non-refundable.”

And their TOS says nothing about the uptime that they are supposed to provide. Oh, and their 30 money-back guarantee just includes the single monthly fee, so if you get any extras, those aren’t refunded nor are setup fees or pretty much anything else. One month with a chance for a partial refund sounds like a great way to instill confidence!

Their current rating is CC, which doesn’t make sense to me. You look at the 12 complains compared to the hundred thousand+ customers… What is the letter rating for HZ and how many customers do they have?

Dang, they ARE terrible!

So, you had a bad experience, they credited your account. They helped you solve a problem you caused. Then when you had one more problem, your account was canceled, after two emails you got a complete refund. Does that sum it up?

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

The questions for me are:

How many days does a problem have to be unresolved in order to qualify as poor support?

How much right do I have to complain about a $7/month web account?

It is at least fair to expect competant technical support within the expected service level - I do believe that. If you are going to respond, please do so competantly. I get the sense that DH support has several very inexperienced system admins. (I am tempted to post my current ongoing conversation with DH support… It goes along the level of “Hello, I have a problem with my server response” … support: “No you don’t” … me: “I’m pretty sure I do; if you could just take a look…” LOL )

In any event:

[twinkie]$ uptime
07:05:08 up 8 days, 18:51, 3 users, load average: 9.84, 8.34, 6.63
[twinkie]$ uptime
07:05:19 up 8 days, 18:51, 3 users, load average: 9.40, 8.30, 6.64
[twinkie]$ uptime
07:05:22 up 8 days, 18:51, 3 users, load average: 10.01, 8.44, 6.69
[twinkie]$ uptime
07:05:24 up 8 days, 18:51, 3 users, load average: 10.01, 8.44, 6.69
[twinkie]$ uptime
07:05:26 up 8 days, 18:51, 3 users, load average: 10.01, 8.44, 6.69
[twinkie]$ uptime
07:05:28 up 8 days, 18:52, 3 users, load average: 10.17, 8.50, 6.72
[twinkie]$ uptime
07:05:31 up 8 days, 18:52, 3 users, load average: 10.17, 8.50, 6.72