Load average 27!?

[stuffz@slimy ~]$ w
21:46:23 up 10 days, 8:10, 3 users, load average: 27.37, 15.18, 6.23

That’s not good. What’s going on here?

Note that I’m not actually running any sites at the moment - that’s with the system not doing anything.

Now I can’t even log in… I guess I have to roll back everything to my old machine.

And now the box ( isn’t even pingable.

I think I’ll be getting a refund and looking elsewhere…

You could also give the guys a chance to have a look, see if it’s really supposed to be this way, perhaps fix something, and then everything will be rosy for the next coupla years?

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Yeah, sorry, I was being really snippy due to being up until the early hours of the morning moving TO dreamhost and then BACK from it when it crashed…

We are switching software… apparently we had in fact been using this horribly alpha and heavily modded phpbb (I didn’t do the initial software install) which is known to be crappy. We’re switching to a vBulletin install, which should have much higher performance…