Load average: 201.87

After months complaining to DH support and a server switch, load still peaks that high.

Is it a joke, or simply an overselling effect ?

Well. It’s a joke comparing to mine:

$ uptime
00:46:42 up 8 days, 12:21, 1 user, load average: 844.29, 827.69, 792.50

Yeah. Read that right – 844.29! I hope the server is rebooting soon.

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this is the mine

top - 13:39:39 up 2:04, 7 users, load average: 1017.58, 921.38, 849.84

I doubt it has to do with overselling, as the server I’m on is usually around 1.5. A little higher now:

15:41:12 up 8 days, 5:16, 4 users, load average: 2.69, 2.74, 3.32

The highest I’ve seen on a random check was somewhere around 20.

Are you guys all on the same server? You might want to mention your server name in case others with the same problem search the forums for it.

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I was on spree and asked for a server switch because of high load. Now I’m on limbo-spunky3 but nothing changed. Althought a load above 5.00 is considered as “red-zone” for most hosting providers, it is a “dreamed condition” for DH.

Great !

The highload turned out to be an issue with the file server. Processes are all queuing up waiting to read files, but file server did not respond, thus “highload”, i.e. lots of processes waiting. I logged in via SSH and the server is still very responsive, so CPU is not busy at all.

DreamHost has sinced rectified the filer issue and my sites are all back online.

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Not exactly, top also says that CPU is above 90% all time and any dynamically generated content is displayed unacceptably slow if not timed out.

I guess it is different on each server. Also on a dual CPU box it can probably go up to 200%.

What I am trying to say is, having ridiculous load like 200 or 800 might not be caused by too many CPU intensive processes running. Those processes might just be waiting on IO (like NFS). So the load might appear to be high, but CPU’s have not been fully utilised.

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That would also explain the slowness/timing out. If the server’s busy doing other network related things, IE communicating with its filer(s) nonstop, then the needed SQL connection may not be getting the priority it needs. That’s not a server issue so much as it is a trafic issue. Of course, that’s just a guess, but that’s what it sounds like.

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Hm, good point. Forgot to check out netstat. Trying now, but the server’s so bugged (network), I can’t maneuver on the command line. :frowning:

yerba# rm -rf /etc