LJXP or JournalPress problems?

Is anyone using either the LJXP or JournalPress plugin with their wordpress install and experiencing problems getting it to actually crosspost to livejournal?

I’d been previously using LJXP but not too long ago it just… stopped working citing some kind of transport error & not connecting to socket?

JournalPress is giving the same thing now that I’ve tried to switch

I’ve seen in one place while trying to search for a solution that it might be a problem on LJ’s side with them maybe blacklisting the host.

And if you’ve had this problem, did you manage to fix it?

How long ago did it stop working? LiveJournal has some ongoing maintenance right now:


Well over a month ago, I’m afraid. I knew about the maintenance, but my LJ isn’t on any of the affected clusters and crossposting there from dreamwidth works fine.

I’m pretty much cheating with crossposting from my wordpress install to dreamwidth and then using dreamwidth to crosspost to livejournal, but it’s not ideal. :confused:

Did it have a number in front, like 32300 ?

Like this:

OK so it’s 5 years later but it turns out LJXP is just dead because development on it stopped and as all websites change, LJ changed.

I got in touch with the Journalpress (which is based on the LJXP) developer back when I had this issue and at some point she fixed everything so it works now! I heartily recommend Journalpress as it works really well and the developer is great and also happens to be an excellent fiction writer.

If anyone is still using livejournal anyway… (it works on dreamwidth!!)