Live video streaming

Hi all,

Just want to know if there are good LIVE media streaming solutions out there. DH said they don’t have anything currently. We are on the other side of the globe. In Sri Lanka. If the server is placed in the US is it going to be a problem streaming from there?

Thanks in advance

If the streaming is coming from a DreamHost shared server, there will be a significant problem, and that is that live streaming of any kind is not allowed from DreamHost’s shared servers.

See which says, in relevant part:

"What is your persistent (background) process policy?

We define persistent/background processes as any unix user’s command running non-interactively. That is, it runs while you aren’t actively sitting there interacting with it through a shell window.

Firstly, we reserve the right to kill any user process on a shared server without warning or prior notification at our discretion. This doesn’t apply on a private server, we don’t restrict your processes there, only your memory limit you set does.

We don’t just do this capriciously though! We do this if the process is in any way adversely affecting the smooth functioning of your shared server. Of course if you have a dedicated server you can run whatever (LEGAL) processes you’d like, you should just be prepared for the consequences they may have on your machine.

  • IRC-related persistent processes of any kind (including, but not limited to, bots, bouncers, etc.) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and are in violation of our TOS.
  • BitTorrent-related processes are not allowed.
    * Streaming Audio or Video servers of any kind are not allowed on shared hosting servers.
  • Voice chat or VoIP servers like Asterisk, Ventrilo and TeamSpeak are not permitted.
  • Game servers (CounterStrike, WoW, BF2, etc…)
  • Running programs via cron is allowed provided you don’t use excessive system resources.

If you want to set something up and have any questions just ask our friendly tech support team, they don’t bite. :slight_smile:

(above emphasis is mine).

–DreamHost Tech Support