Live chat?

Lately i tried using the live chat on support. but now i cant find it.

any ideas where ?

I believe Live Chat is available only to PS customers 24/7/365 - and shared users on occassion.

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what u mean PS customers? I think i saw the link sometimes but now its not there

Yes, it’s available to shared-host customers occasionally. PS customers have it all the time.

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So pretty much there isnt a way to contact them? That seems pretty ridiculous. They dont even watch there own forums which is crazy.

One of many reasons why I am trying to close my account with dreamhost!

Excuse me?

You’ve been caught with your eyes closed, Andrew.


I read each and every post to these forums every day, with very rare exceptions, and have for almost 10 years now. :wink:

The forums are not, however, an official support vehicle, Did you read the opening welcome page?

“Please understand that these forums are not routinely checked by DreamHost employees (although we do show up from time to time!), and are not meant as a replacement for the Wiki or support form. While a great way to receive help and insight from other DreamHost customers, you should use the above options if you need a fast or official response.”

To clarify re. Live Chat. At present, Live Chat is available 24/7/365 to all:

  1. DreamHost PS customers
  2. Those with the enhanced “call-back” support service provisioned for their account.

If you want to always have access to live chat, either of those above options will provide that for you.

If our support load allows it, as a courtesy, we sometimes make it available to all, but you cannot count on Live Chat support being available unless you have one of the two situations described above.

–DreamHost Tech Support

And, of course, there are two other ways:

Through the panel:

Backup method:


so, where is the direct link to live chat. I am so frustrated with Dreamhost and their inability to help their customers by allowing us to speak to a human being. Thanks.

If Live Chat is available to you — which is only the case if you have DreamHost PS or Callback Support on your account, or if you’re lucky and we’re feeling generous — a button to open it will appear near the top of your panel, next to the title of the current page. None of these appears to currently be the case, though, so Live Chat is not currently available to you. You will need to add Callback Support (or DreamHost PS) to be guaranteed access to Live Chat at all times.