Live Chat / Liveperson

Has anyone ever seen Live Chat in the available status? I’m curious because I’ve only seen it as “Chat Unavailable”

I’ve used it once but that was a long time ago. I could see it being very useful if a service such as SMTP is down or even a server.

I really wish they would have some instant form of communication other than e-mail where users don’t even have to request a reply if they just know something is down and want to let the data center admins know.

yea I see it always down as well

I used it once before a long time ago too. It was very helpful, but I see where it could be difficult to manage - if there’s allready tickets open and you’re helping other people first becuase they used live chat… not a fair system there.


The way live chat works is you get put into a queue. Honestly, I’d rather wait in a queue for a person to help me because I can verify if something is fixed. With the ticket system you have to hope that the tech on the other side understands your ticket completely, makes the needed changes, tests it. The problem after that is… if it worked for “them” and not for you (aka off their network). If you’re in a chat with them you can say “uh, it’s still not working…” and continue troubleshooting the issue on hand.

I guess I don’t see the point of it being available and not having access to it.