Live chat dead?

I’m very concerned that I can’t seem to get any response from Dreamhost’s Live Chat. One of the primary reasons I chose Dreamhost (and recommend it to my students) is the Live Chat feature for troubleshooting in the control panel.

I’m attempting to finally migrate my primary site, with a myriad of sub-sites, to Dreamhost and haven’t been able to get any response for the past 3 days.

Does anyone know what is happening?

This is enormously discouraging and frustrating. I’m debating now, whether to move my primary to another hosting service instead of Dreamhost. I do Not want to have to go through all of this work again (4 Wordpress installations, several email accounts, over 100 aliases plus multiple test program installations and archival directories).

Live Chat is only available when the support staff isn’t fully occupied with high-priority issues. If you’re a premium subscriber for $9.95 a month, it’s always available.

The usual support ticket system still works, though.

Hmm…don’t know what you mean by Premium subscriber. I paid for my annual hosting. Are you saying I have to pay extra for Support? I dont’ recall seeing that.

As for the ticket system, that seems to be down now as well. I can’t get an email setup problem with my Apple Mail to work on the first site I moved to Dreamhost and I can’t get any response from support. I’ve never had a problem getting my Apple Mail to work with any other hosting service, but there is nothing in the Support Wiki that seems to address my problem and now I can’t get any response from support. It makes me nervous since I have to move my primary site to a new service by Thursday.

You don’t have to pay extra for support but you DO have to pay extra if you want unlimited chat help as that is a premium support service. If you had submitted a support ticket you would have seen the option to subscribe to the premium support services for 9.95 before you submitted the message to them.

Never heard from support in any form. The only service I saw offered when I filled out the support ticket was a fee for a phone call instead of email.

Finally resolved my email connection problem through “brute force” (killed the accounts and recreated them from scratch). Fortunately these were not critical email accounts. I’ve got my fingers crossed on attempting to move my primary site tonight or tomorrow. Since one of the things I’m doing during this move is cleaning out a lot of old material and consolidating into a simpler site, it will be easier to move if necessary, but boy, am I backing up everything – frequently! While I don’t need technical help often, when I do it’s not “How to setup Outlook Express?” and right now I’m feeling rather abandoned and alone. Support Forums are fine for researching, but a safety net when the clock is ticking is useful.

Thanks everyone for the information and the replies. Once I get all of the “forest fires” put out, I’ll try to hang out and answer some Wordpress questions in repayment.