Little more advanced problem with crontab


Here’s my general problem… I have a 2-line crontab already setup that works fine 24/7 for over a year now. I -r’d it and replaced it with the new one with 1 additional line. All 3 lines point to PHP scripts publically viewable just not listed.

The problem is that as far as I can tell, all 3 lines are working, I know crontab is working, but the 3rd line (newest) doesn’t seem to be executing. All 3 lines use lynx to execute the scripts. I have tried viewing the script in my regular browser as well as lynx through telnet and it executes perfectly. However, it’s not executing it when the crontab runs.

A little background… This 3rd line as I said works perfectly fine in Netscape or lynx without a hitch. The script’s job is to connect via POP3, check a general Email account, download and parse all the Email in the box, then insert the parsed version of the Email into a database. I have it set to run every 5 minutes (*/5). Again, it works perfectly unless the crontab runs it.

I also have it set as blank on the end so that I’ll get the results (success/fail) via Email… I get none. Any ideas? Thanks in advance everybody! =O)