'Lite' Subdomains

Just switched to Dreamhost, and everything’s absolutely fantastic. There’s just one thing I miss from my old host: unlimited subdomains. Not these funky, fully-functional subdomains offered at the moment, I’m not really asking for something for nothing, just the ability to map subdomains to directories, nothing more. It’d be great if you could do just that, and obviously keep the fuller-featured subdomains (own web server settings, own email accounts etc) limited.

What do people think?

DreamHost offers unlimited redirected subdomains.

redirects to

That is free and doesn’t count against your subdomains.

To do that go to add a domain and type in subdomian.yourwebsite.com and select redirect.


Thanks, I just didn’t look hard enough! :S

edit: Call me fussy, but it’s not exactly the same. On my old host, I could have say http://otherstuff.xyz.com/blah/ and it’d be the same as http://xyz.com/otherstuff/blah/ - the URL in the browser wouldn’t change. I guess I want a halfway house between a fully hosted subdomain and just a plain redirect.

It might be possible with remapping but I’m not sure, you’d have to test it out.



It should work :slight_smile: Just tested it out > http://carrachohelp.com/willscorner.net/ (oh yeah the site has lots of dead links too so don’t be alarmed :stuck_out_tongue: )


Ah yes, but I can’t remap the root directory, can I? :slight_smile:
That’s essentially what I want. It looks like the ‘redirect’ option of the domain setup is just a mod_rewrite thing - if they added an option to remove the [R] I’d be happy :slight_smile:

Could you do that yourself, too? Set the subdomain up as a mirror and then add the mod_rewrite line to your root .htaccess file?

Er, yes, now you mention it. It’s like the clever bit of my brain has been switched off…

Thanks :slight_smile: