List of problems for a newb: Joomla

Hey guys hows it going? Ok here we go.

Im hosting a domain that im going to be using for a podcast i am doing, and im really having a hard time getting the site anywhere near usable.

I want to use Joomla for the main domain because i’ve used it in the past and its what im most used to that comes with the fast installers. I have not been able to get it to install properly, i cannot FTP to the directory to remove the installation files like the directions emailed to me and the ones on the WIKI. I’ve deleted my DB and started over about a dozen times now.

Whats the easiest way to get Joomla on the main directory of my domain “”?

Also, i have word press at “” and thats up and fine, but the blog user i created but it keeps being setup as the default user for the joomla DB.

I have a stack of DB’s that are in my recycle bin, and i want to reuse the names, but i have no idea how to go in drop the tables and start over.

Also, i’ve heard that drupal is a pretty good content manager, but the quick installers limit me on how i can install it, i can only install it at “”. How can i redirect traffic to “” to the drupal sub directory? Im super lost and getting more lost, i just would love to have something up i can blog to and post the links to my episodes. Maybe just word press or something…idk im open to suggestions but right now i’ve been working on it for a month now with no headway.

Have you read this?

yes i have, i always get stuck at the FTP to your site section. I’ve used ftp tons of times for personal use and at work so i know im not doing it wrong on my end.

It’s not really our wiki, as we’re just customers.

You can also try WebFTP from the panel by going to Manage Domains and click WebFTP for your domain. Make sure you’re logging in as the user listed as the owner for that domain.