Linux Kernel Version

Do all of the DH servers run Linux 2.4? Are there any running 2.6? If there aren’t any running 2.6, are there any plans to move to 2.6?

I know both dads and welchs are on 2.6… dunno about the others. I assume most of the newest servers since uhhh… I believe October/November 2006, are running a 2.6 kernel.

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I guess my real question is: do any of the machines support extended attributes for files?

That’s an entirely different question. I would not count on extended attributes always being available, especially since your files are not stored locally on the server but rather accessed via NFS; even if they did work now, with setups like that, they will not be guaranteed should the architecture change.

Just out of curiosity, what do you need em for ? :slight_smile:

I have a Mac and I want to make an Rsync backup of some of my files. Mac’s filesystem (hfs+) uses extended attributes, resource forks, etc. and to get a fully compatible backup of some files I heard you need to backup all of the extended attributes and the resource fork. To complicate matters, mac os 10.4 doesn’t have great rsync support itself (the shipped version is alleged to be broken, and uses incompatible options with the standard version).