i need help with link likns together

for example i want to go from my home page to my donate page how would i set it up and wat would it look loike?

To create a link from one page to another, use the following syntax:<a href="[i]filename.html[/i]" title="[i]Title of linked-to page[/i]">[i]link text[/i]</a>--------------------
Simon Jessey
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The title attribute is, of course, optional.

To the original poster, the best way to learn HTML is to buy a “teach yourself HTML” book and step through the excercises.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Some time ago, I wrote a little tutorial for people wanting to learn (X)HTML. It could probably do with updating, but it is still a good starting point.

Here is the excellent book I use to learn XHTML in the first place: Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and XHTML in 21 Days

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

I apologize in advance if any of this is insulting, but I get the impression that you know how to do design, but need some help with publishing to the “web.”

Check out this site for a very simple intro to HTML. When I was first learning about web design I never bothered to buy a book… I looked at a bunch of sites and this was one I found very helpful.

Having a basic understanding of HTML, which is the mark-up language that makes web pages look like they do will be a real advantage… even if you end up using a visual design tool like Dreamweaver or NVU.