Links page not showing up in Admin

I do not see the Links page in my WP admin dashboard on a new sub-domain. When I check via FTP, the files are there, so I’m wondering if I have a misconfiguration somewhere. Running Genesis Centric theme, Gravity Forms, Jetpack, Tiny MCE - in other words, a vanilla setup. What am I missing?

Follow-up - neither of the two sub-domains have it, though my primary does. All three sites are running Genesis framework. Could someone please respond to this - whether here or as the support item it already is?

From the helpful other customer perspective you haven’t really said enough. I’ve read both your posts a couple of times and it’s not really clear to me what specifically you are expecting that is missing. Maybe your support ticket tells the story better, but that doesn’t help in the forum.

Keep in mind that support doesn’t support WP specifically. While support can give clues many times, they might not be able to spot a specific error that you’ve made, especially with multisite.

It appears you might be trying to use WP multisite and running into specific difficulties? If you’re running on shared hosting have you specifically mapped the sub-domains?

Hi LakeRat,

Sorry if I was unclear - that is unintentional - but no, I am not running WordPress Multisite.

I just saw, when I tried to run the file manually, that the link manager was no longer activated by default since WP 3.5 - I need to apologize to the support folks and close the ticket, as well as know what the deuce I’m talking about before I go off. :smiley:

Now, to install the plug-in, and have a lunch of crow. :slight_smile:

We still love you :slight_smile:

Love you too, Mika - caught you on GOH the other day. :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, the good old “Links” section…I think I have had one request for that in the last four years. My client used it as a bookmark tool (because she did not understand how to use browser bookmarks)…really horrid use-case scenario, but she insisted on having it.

Other than that, I have not come up with any creative ways that it made sense to use that. Has anyone else? I would love to know

Not really. I tell people “Use menus. More flexible.”