Links not working and background image missing

I’ve just uploaded a website I made in dreamweaver to dreamhost. I hadn’t realised I could upload via dreamweaver itself and used FileZilla to upload. I have my index.html page as well as all the other .html pages in the root directory and everything else is in their appropriate folders. I can’t see why it doesn’t link to my other pages from the index page…I’m missing something really simple I’m sure.
I have searched the forum but have not been able to find the answer.
URL is if that helps.

Links are case-sensitive. Your background image is being called as BackgroundwObjects1.jpg but your actual image is named Backgroundwobjects1.jpg

Change your link to gallery.html to

Works fine.

in general, it’s best to keep everything lowercase

By the way, Go AB!

Thanks Bobocat - I’ll change all those cases and add the extra parts to my links. Had it working so well in Dreamweaver - hadn’t quite gotten the hang of putting things on the web.

Yay ABs!!

OK I don’t know what I’ve done but I’ve somehow made it worse! Now I don’t get any of my images on the index page and still can’t link to any other pages.
ok - seem to have gotten my links to work but no images and CSS seems all loopy too :frowning:

your links point here: /images/layout/backgroundwobjects1.jpg
your pictere is here: /images/Layout/Backgroundwobjects1.jpg

See the differences? You need to be consistent throughout. If you are using Dreamweaver, it ought to update everything for you when you make a change. I’m not sure as I’ve never used it. But make all of your changes then upload everything again fresh. That means, delete everything you have in there, assuming you have a static site and you are just starting out and don’t mind starting over.

if you are using Chrome or Firefox, hit F12 or install Firebug and you can see that a lot of your links give 404

I’ll start again.