Links Manager Needed? Any good ones?



I’m trying to move my wife’s small business website over to DreamHost after having a VERY successful move of our church website (I love DreamHost so far!!).

Anyway, one of the features she has on her existing website ( is a links page that allows users to submit their own links, which I then approve before they get posted. Since currently I pay a small fee for that service, I was hoping that there is something installable on a DreamHost account that would do the same thing for me, but without the additional cost. Anyone got any ideas or experience? I did a quick search in Google, but only found other ones that are services that charge (or free versions with too many nag screens).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Murray Lahn


Well, I’m confused! Your wife’s current site uses the free “freelinks” service from Bravenet, so what kind of a fee are you paying, and who are you paying the fee to?

You can use that same service on her site here at DreamHost if you want, or there are many “free” scripts you can use to implement similar things on your own site.

If you/she are happy with the current service, and if you are really not paying for it, why not just continue to use it on your DreamHost site?



I’m actually using FreeLinks PRO as I needed the extra security features and to eliminate nag screens/ads etc. I pay around $39.95/year for it. :frowning:

Murray Lahn


I used to use PHPLinks, but that was several years ago.

I see that cPanel/Fantastico uses Dew-NewPHPLinks, but the frightening part is that the developer’s website had a glitch, and his troubleshooting went downhill from there.