Links in down folders that go to error pages render weird?

I’ve been going through some bad links in Google webmaster tools… and I’ve discovered my DH error pages load weird sometimes. The graphics in my header only load correctly if the broken link happens to point toward the root directory. When it is looking into folders though, it doesn’t work.

How can I fix this? For example, this link will load text from the header, but no graphics: (this folder doesn’t even exist… I tried disabling indexes in .htaccess, but it made no difference)

If I change it to this, it works fine:


Change the affected relative URLs so that they are relative to the site instead of the current document.

“css/quickmenu.js” -> “/css/quickmenu.js”

I tried that – With the full… it still didn’t work.


No luck… i’ll try messing with it again tomorrow, but earlier tonight I had no luck at all…

Ok - I got it working… was some issue with my php stuff.