Linking Outlook with webmail


I have linked microsoft outlook with the webmail service from my domain server, and I can recieve messages. But when I try to send one I get an error from the server that says that it was unable to “relay the message”. I have tried this with different legitimate email addresses and it still fails. How can I correct this problem. Also, is it possible to link outlook so that when it is opened it automatically links with the webmail? Instead of me having to hit send/recieve evertime I want to do something.


Yeah, I’m having the same problem with Entourage. It won’t send at first - takes like 5 minutes and gives me an error. It usually sends the 2nd time - but I have to wait for that error message to pop up first. Any ideas about this?? It’s pretty annoying. I don’t have any problems with my school e-mail account (Entourage is the IMAP client for both).

Adam, you can go into Outlook preferences and tell it to check e-mail automatically every 5 or 10 minutes or whatever.

Dreamhost staff, can you help with the IMAP client issue? It’s wicked annoying for me - and sounds like Adam can’t send anything at all.