Linking new domain to hosted subdomain

I created a dreamhost account. Didn’t have any domain in mind so created a website with the subdomain. Now I purchased a domain and want to link this domain to my created website. Can someone help ?

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Read here:

Thanks! But it doesn’t answer the question.

Actually it does, just doesn’t hold your hand step by step. Use the Knowledge Base to search for other similar articles if you prefer it in different words.

What is your web hosting monthly charge? I would like to take the basic package for one of my website.

Add your domain as Fully Hosted and use the same user and web location in the details.

Optionally: use the default web path when fully hosting and rename the .dreamhosters folder via SFTP. The user must be the same unless you copy all files into a new userspace.

Are you talking about domain name transfer?

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