Linking mySQL table and PHP form

I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum. Please direct me to the correct location.

Very green at all of this so please bear with me. I purchased a DB driven template for my expirement. There is an admin panel that provides GUI access to the tables. I have a table that is populated with manufacturer names. These MFG names are used in another form in the form of a selection field. I wanted an additional selection filed in this form that would contain other data.

In phpMyAdmin I copied the data and structure of the MFG table (table A) to a new table with a new name (table B). I edited the content of table b to be the new data. I copied the associated table A PHP files and renamed them with the table B name. I edited all table A references in the new PHP files to be table B.

So now I have a new table with new PHP files that refrerence it. The second form has an entry for the new selection field but it’s not populated. I tried to open the new table from my Admin Panel but I get a generic HTTP 500 error.

The path that it’s trying to access is [mywebsite]\admin[table B].
While [mywebsite]\admin[table A] accesses the GUI fine. It seems to my n00b eye that the new PHP files are not ‘linked’ to the associated table. Therefore the selection field is not poulated and I cannot access the GUI. How do I link table B and it’s PHP files?

aka Hottrodder