Linking libraries (here: libtiff)

I’m putting this here instead of the 3rd party software forum, because I seem to have a more general problem. I’m trying to compile a software package that requires libtiff (Tesseract OCR, to be specific), and am having trouble figuring out how to link it with the libtiff library during the configure process.

I know libtiff is installed on the server, but after I couldn’t get it to work I compiled it in my own directory.

This is the configure command I used (as advised on Groklaw):

And after that didn’t work:

However, the output contains the lines:

checking for Leffler libtiff library… checking linking with /home/myusername/libtiff/lib/libtiff.a… no
configure: WARNING: TIFF support is disabled[/quote]
I’m not even sure what the .a file does, but I know that it exists at the path shown in the output.

Can someone with more experience in compiling and installing give me some hints here?

I installed libtiff and then used the latest version of tesseract and installed it with just ./configure and it found libtiff and linked with it without any specific directive.

see here:
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