Linking images with html

I’m sculpting my website using html coding (no web design software yet - getting Dreamweaver over thanksgiving :slight_smile: ) and have a question about linking with images. On some browsers there’s a blue box around the images. Is there a way to change that? Also, do I have to copy my design images into subdirectories in order to get them to load on those pages?


2 ways to do this. First way is depreciated, meaning future version of html may not support it.
<img src"file.ext" border=“0”>
Second way is through CSS…

Note the above tags are for HTML if you plan on doing XHTML the tag must have a closing tag like:


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alright - I think i’ll try the css. Do I have to repeat the information for each image?

you either do that on each image, or even better put this simple rule in a css file:

a img { border: none; }

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