Linking domain to wordpress blog

A friend of ours has purchased a domain registration with dreamhosts - we want to direct it to a wordpress blog ( but aren’t sure of the correct settings to do this, and couldn’t find the appropriate information in the wiki.

Could someone advise us as to what information should be filled out in the domain’s settings so that it will point to the blog site!


why do you want to direct to You can install wordpress in your website if you have a hosting plan. Check DH panel --> Goodies --> One-Click Installs

If you do not have hosting plan, you may want to check DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Redirect URL You can also refer to article in wiki I’m not sure this is the best way, but you can try it :wink:

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One option would be to use the ‘Domain Mapping’ provided by, as explained in the article linked below;

Basically, you need to change the name servers for your domain to…

To change the name servers for the domain registered at DreamHost, go to Domains -> Registrations in the DreamHost panel, tick the checkbox for the domain in the Modify Whois? column, click the Modify whois for selected… button and you should see the section for changing the name servers at the bottom of the page. After changing the name servers it will take up to 72 hours for the changes to propagate across the Internet and your site to be reachable under your domain.

Please note: The ‘Domain Mapping’ service appears to be a paid service, so you might be better advised to add a hosting plan to your DreamHost account and host the blog here. Transferring the contents of your existing blog shouldn’t be too hard.

Good luck.


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If I understand your question, set up the Blog in a subdirectory on your site and use redirect at your domain registrar to point there.

I think you will find that the original poster has an existing blog at ‘’ and wished to point their DreamHost registered domain at that blog.

Although, as I said in my previous reply, if they have a hosting plan under their account here at DreamHost, it might be better long-term just to move the blog here.


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I see that now and you are right.

I would like to redirect an existing web site I have to the domain that I just registered in DreamHost. How can I do this? I tried going to the instructions in on the wiki, but it seems like I have to add a host plan. But I don’t want to do that, I just want to redirect a web site. I was able to do this before with another domain provider, but I can’t seem to do it here.

Anybody know how to do this?

You won’t be able to use DreamHost redirection, or other “hosting” services without a hosting account.

What you can do is set the nameservers for your DreamHost registered domain to a nameserver where you do control the hosting, and establish any DNS records there necessary to “redirect” (I’m not sure how you are using the term here) the lookup to the other site.

The tools other services offer are often not “one-for-one” comparisons even though they use the term “redirect” (many are just framed display of other sites, etc.).

The bottom line is that customized DNS records on DreamHost are only available with hosting plans, but you can point the DreamHost registered domain to other nameservers so, absent a DreamHost hosting plan, that’s the way you will need to go. :wink:

edit: While your question is somewhat similar in nature, this thread is over a year old, and your post would probably have been better placed as a new thread. :wink: