Linking a video to a photo


I am lost. Check out my site and go to the portfolio. When I click on the small photos then a large one opens in the window below. I either want to have the video open and play right there or when I click on the larger picture have the video pop open. I can encode with Flash or Quicktime. Can anyone help with this?



I’m sorry … but the whole thing is in flash, so short of having the flash source available (and the inclination to sort through it and determine what it is doing, and how) I have no way to evaluate what is happening or what you need to do to achieve what you want.

Note to others visiting the site: The site automatically plays sound upon loading and unless you have a very large browser window (at least 1024x768 at full screen), you will have to scroll down to beneath the fold to turn off the sound. :wink:



yes - sorry about the music - i have not figured how to turn it off. I bought the template and then edited it with my logo and info and pics. I have the flash source file - i guess i need to slowly go through it and try and figure out something.



I sincerely wish you “Good luck” with that, Darrin! I’ve found that going through other people’s flash source/actionscript can be pretty confusing sometimes, even for an experienced flash developer. Since you mentioned that you bought the template, have you considered contacting the template’s author and inquiring about how to make the changes you need?

He should be able to point out what needs to be done, and it shouldn’t be that difficult. He may even be willing to make the changes for you for a small additional fee.

I’m not trying to scare up business for him; I’m just thinking out loud about the quickest/cheapest way to get what you want working the way you want it to. :wink: