Linked FTP accounts?

Argh, the Dreamhost control panel is driving me up the wall.
Every FTP user account uses a seperate user profile folder, so the data is only accessable from the login that created it.


/home/masteraccount/ <=Root of FTP login
/home/newftpaccount/ <=Root of FTP login

Totally seperate root directories is not helping me. What I want to be able todo is have a seperate FTP that will login to a specific folder on my master account, say “my_data” for instance. Also this folder is accessable via FTP only, and NOT via


So when I login to my master account I see:


Then create a seperate secondary FTP login that connects to the “my_data” folder as the root. Finally configure this account so it has READ ONLY access. No ability to create or delete files/directories. So my master FTP account login can only be used to change the my_data folder contents.

How do I go about setting this up?

You don’t. Well, unless you get a dedicated server or the like where you control the FTP software or something.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

I am currently writing up a suggestion for a better ftp system that allows for this type of thing. I would suggest that you and everyone else should vote for the suggestion to show DH that we really want an improved (normal) ftp system.