Linked Frame Target: Opens in IE, Doesn't in FF



Hey guys.

I’m trying to figure out what’s up with a frame-linked target="" and why it opens correctly in Internet Explorer but opens a brand new window in Firefox.

The examples are below. My apologies for the sloppy work, but I’ve been trying to get this working properly for the past two or three hours or so and I just don’t care about formatting at the moment.

The index page:


The left frame:

example 1sdright

The right frame:



The right-linked frame:



Like I said earlier, things work fine in IE, but Firefox is a whole different matter – why it opens in a brand new window is beyond me. Any idea why this is going on?


Have you tried adding TARGET="_self" to your links?


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[quote]things work fine in IE, but Firefox is a whole different matter – why it opens in a brand new window is beyond me.


FF is flexible, and users can decide how they want links opened (new window, new tab, background, foreground). Yours isn’t set to open links in new window?


It’s been a long time since I’ve used frames… but you might try setting target=“body” and see what that does.

with a frames layout FF should ideally not be openning the links in a new page or new tab, regardless of user settings, it’s supposed to open the page within what’s already on screen.

I’ve got an HTML standards book around here somwhere… I might be able to figure out exactly how you’re supposed to do this from that… But your best bet probably would be to use some more modern scripting. Frames are one of those things a lot of people say are ‘so last mileminum’ :slight_smile:

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Here’s what I’ve found out:

Apparently either the problem is a direct result of doctypes or DreamHost, and either of which I’m completely unsure of at this point. I’ve just tried the same html on a Lunarpages account. The Lunarpages account gave the same result until I removed the DOCTYPE, which then allowed the page to direct in FF as it should. If I remove the DOCTYPE on DreamHost and attempt to view the page I’m given a XML skeleton in FF and, if any errors are in the code, a given XML formatting warning stopping me from viewing the website. Also, while the XML skeleton shows in FF, it does not in IE.

I’m bumfuzzled.


try setting your doc type for html 4.01 strict instead.

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Unfortunately HTML 4.01 Strict gave the same result.


well, My best sigguestion at this point would be to ditch frames. Go for Div layers or CSS, or… Perhaps someone else will be able to help you fix this, but I’m all out of ideas.

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You are using the wrong DOCTYPE for frames: Doctypes

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Use the Frameset doctype for the frameset HTML document, and the Transitional doctype for the other documents that are intended to be loaded within frames. You should use the XHTML varieties of the doctypes (as you’re doing) if you use the syntax that includes “/>” at the end of empty tags (as you do).

– Dan