Linked account and log in issues


To give some ‘history’ to this issue:

A few months ago I was brought on to maintain someone’s website. They created a user account for me under their account. No probs.

Then, yesterday, I decided I loved what Dreamhost had to offer, so I signed up to register my own domain and have my site hosted here.

And thus issues began:

First off - the two accounts got LINKED. This meaning that I can log into both accounts with the same info - and the login information is not what I registered for either of them.

I can’t log in with a user ID at all - I have to log in with my email address, and it made the password I created for my new account the only password that let’s me access the webpanel.

Sadly - this password does NOT work when I try to log into Core to start uploading files to MY site (the other site login stuff was not affected as I use their account, not mine to upload on their site).

I also created an email address under my personal domain - that password doesn’t work at all - regardless of whether I try to login online or through Outlook.

Can I UNLINK these accounts??? I’m hoping that will start to fix the prob, but, at present, I’m getting pretty ticked and thinking I’ve made a terrible mistake choosing Dreamhost…

I did manage to finally get the email account to work. I can get into it from Outlook now or from the Squirrel mail login page, but not from the mailbox manager (will not accept the password)