Link to set password for wordpress not working

Hi all,

I’m new here, I just bought a wordpress hosting with dreamhost and I received an email saying “success intalling wordpress on your site”.
It gave a me a new wordpress usename and a link where I can set my password, but the link doesn’t work.
What should I do? Is there a previous step I’ve missed?


You may just need to wait a little bit. DNS propagation can cause a delay. New DNS and its usually instant, changed DNS and it might be around 4 hours.

It still doesn’t work, it’s 24 hours now. I’ll contact support.

If you still need help with this you can contact our Live Chat team from 5 AM to 11 PM PST, or if you can provide us with a ticket number we should be able to look into this for you. Ticket numbers usually start with a 7.

Just signed up. Installed Wordpress and got the link to set a password and like the OP has stated, it just doesn’t work. What’s going on? Can someone please help me out on this? Thanks.

It’s hard to diagnose what’s going on without more details. How long ago did you install WordPress? is this a VPS, shared hosting, 1-click install, DreamPress or what else? New domain or transferred domain? what’s the error message you get?

If you want a quicker answer without having to diagnose the issue yourself, open a ticket or start a chat session like @LakeRat suggested: DreamHost support staff will immediately see what the problem is and fix it for you.

Reached out to your Twitter page and they helped me out on it. Thanks.