Link to Files for Blogs

I may have been spoiled by a hosting service that had everything pretty much canned. Came to DH because the other sevice was sloooow. But when I wanted to link a still image or video file for a blog, I was able to click a permalink field and then copy and paste the data into the blogging software (blogspot and typepad). I see no such shortcut in DH and it is a feature that I will be doing a lot. I have no idea how to copy the full path that I will need. I am streaming Flash and QT videos and using JPEGS for thumbnails.

Any help or advice would be much appeciated!



I’m a bit confused. I’ve never used blogspot or typepad (although I am very familiar with movable type), so perhaps that’s the problem on my end, but I would think anything your clicking to insert into the blogging software… would be IN the blogging software? Not related to your host at all.

So WHERE were you clicking this permalink field before? Was it in your control panel or through the blogging software?