Link to files after uploading?

Hello, I cant figure out how to link to anything that I have hosted with my DreamHost account.

I have a website hosted with a different company, but I use DreamHost to host files. I want to link to my Dreamhost files on my website, but I cant seem to find an address to link too. I have tried right-clicking and copying the link location, but it doesnt seem to be working.

For example, on my website I would want something that said “click here to view PDF” and then have a link that goes to a PDF file on my DreamHost account. How do I do that?

You’ll need to create a Fully Hosted domain in the Panel under Domains->Manage Domains. Since your main site is hosted elsewhere, you can create a Dreamhosters site, like

Then you’ll get that folder in your home directory and you can start dropping your files into there. The file will be available at

If you don’t want people to get a directory listing of all of your files, you’ll need to add a .htaccess file to turn off indexing (add a line that says: Options -Indexes).