Line 58 on PunBB

Can someone help me?


[quote]An error occured on line 58 in file /home/.genoa/assdakanintyboy/

PunBB reported: Unable to connect to MySQL server. MySQL reported: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)[/quote]

Is this a new install or a working one that broke?
If it was working, did you make any changes before it stoped working…? in short, please provide us with some more informaiton about your problem.


Can’t connect to local MySQL server

… because the MySQL server isn’t local (ie, running on localhost). You have to specify the hostname you chose when you created the database. There’s even a big notice to this effect shown immedietely after creating a database:

You MUST always use your hostname to connect to your database… “localhost” will NOT WORK.

This is repeated in a number of places. Maybe I should put it in my .sig too…

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

oh right, should have caught that one… used to seeing localhost printed in the error message.


I still don’t undestand.
Does anyone got a guide or FAQ or something?
Or maybe some screens? ^^;


When you are initalizing the database, or in the board settings you have to define how it connects to the database. When you set up the mysql host you got all that information - or go back to the Panel > goodies > mysql and you’ll find it there.

You’ll have to specify the DB host, the database name, and the user/pass you set up with the database.


It works now.
Connor said the same thing to me on MSN. :slight_smile: