Limiting User Bandwidth

I host some pages for friends and I want to limit the bandwidth on their account, example, userA gets 10GB per month transfer. Is this possible? I looked in the Knowledge Base but didn’t see anything about it.

It sounds like you’re intersted in bandwidth throttling. You can set it for your domains in your web panel under Status > Bandwidth.

That seems to just be for the domain. I need to block individual user accounts under my main account, or even just by subdomain. Whatever works. I just need to make sure other users don’t go over their specified bandwidth.

Bandwidth throttling works for individual domains and subdomains.

One thing to be aware of, though, is that the bandwidth check is day-by-day. If one of your users’ pages gets a massive increase in traffic (ex: a link is featured on, you may end up on the hook for excess bandwidth because the throttling wouldn’t take hold until the next day began.

I got it. When I enabled it on my domain I had to wait until today for it to let me on my subdomains.