Limiting an ftp user's access

I’m having some trouble figuing out the easiest way to set up a user, give them ftp access, but limit that access to only a particular sub-domain (or directory). I’ve tried searching on this, but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for (probably because it’s so obvious!)

Setting up the user is easy enough, but they (by default) end up with root access. I want to limit their access to only a particular sub-domain that I have set up for them to manage. Where do I set that, override the default?

I did this once before (limited a user to a particular directory), but I can’t seem to get that option again (or find it in the web-panel). Also, how do I make sure that the primary owner (the original dreamhost user/admin) can always make changes to any “sub-owned” directories or sub-domains?

Thanks for any clarification.

After creating the user, create the subdomain and place it in the user directory. If the subdomain already exists, just goto Domains > Web and “Edit” the subdomain:

For the domain web service, you want the “Web Directory” to be a directory in the users space, so make sure to select the user in the drop-down selection boxes. This will make it so the subdomain is being served from that particular directory in that users designated disk space, away from any other domains.

Its called retrieving the users password and logging into FTP as the user in question. Really. There is not a simple way to do what you want without having to share login details.

This issue has been discussed before, such as Managing multiple domains and user access

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Thanks for the clarification.

I’ll just set up subdomains for different users. I just kept thinking I was missing something somewhere. I’d set up access for a few different users and then couldn’t control the accounts the way I thought I’d be able to, so I thought I must have been doing something wrong.