Limited FTP access for a client

I host a site for a client under my umbrella DreamHost account. I want my client to be able to update one single text file (for a news scroller). But obviously, I don’t want him to have access to anything else.

I see from the knowledge base and the forums that there are various ways of giving limited access - but what do the experts recommend for my particular requirement?

Most grateful for any advice!

FTP wont work. Only one FTP account per site (though you can have multiple sites per FTP account.)

WebDAV is one option. Another is to use PHP or some other dynamic method of editing the file.

You could create a separate FTP account, then (from the shell, under the main username) create a symbolic link to the file.

Thanks for the suggestions - WebDAV does the trick nicely. An added bonus is that my client only has to double-click on the scroller text file, edit then save it, and it’s automatically updated on the server - no messy uploading, for which he’ll be eternally grateful!