Limited Domains

I’m thinking about sharing a dreamhost server with some friends. Is there a limit to the number of domains dreamhost will host?


“Unlimited.” Assuming they don’t use too much server resources.

I think I have around 60/70 domains here, but very small sites.

You are limited by the usage you make, not from the number of domains.

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Just in case you’re coming from a reseller account with a CP like CPanel, things are a little different at Dreamhost.

You can share & resell your space on any account, but it’s not like a standard reseller account where a whole new panel is setup for each user.

You have plenty of control over user access, etc… just in a different way. There probably isn’t anything you’ll need to do that you won’t find in the Wiki, though.

Just something to keep in mind, since you mentioned hosting friends. If you’re just throwing up blogs for them and setting up email, you can still do all of that without granting anyone access (or if you don’t mind doing other things for them once in awhile).

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The limit is how many domains you can afford and how long you can stand to keep adding them.

Ah, I saw the unlimited domains feature soon after posting here. I believe I have convinced my friends to go in on this with me. Thanks for your help!

Naw, my friends already have sites of their own, we’re just trying to get cheap hosting by splitting a host.

No problem with all of us accessing the same control panel, we’ll just share a user/pass.

You don’t have to share the same panel log-in, you can create multiple WEBIDs (panel log-ins) and grant different panel privileges to them.

For more details, see the wiki article below;


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How do you add a domain that will be used by someone else?

My main is I want to add a domain it’s, I have a didicated IP for do I need to have one for and what are the -+ for getting another


You might want to post this request in the “General Troubleshooting” or “New Users” forums.


Hi, Ken!

In order to add a domain that is to be used by someone else, and to prevent them from having access to your files, you should create a new user for them to use with the new domain. By doing that, they will have their own directory structure (similar to yours) that is accessible only by their user. You can, of course, still access/control stuff by just logging in as that user - the login and password is always available to you via the Control Panel (as you are the “master” account user.)

You can do this from the Control Panel–>Manage Domains–>Add a new domain/ sub-domain screen, where you can not only add the domain, but also create a new user to manage it at the same time. You can also add a new user at any time from the “manage users” section of the Control Panel, and then add the domain, assigning it to that user, but the first method does it all in “one step” :wink: .

There is no requirement that the new domain have a dedicated IP address just because your existing domain has one. As for the advantages / disadvantages of a static IP, it all depends on what you need the domain for. You will need a static IP address for VPN and SSL (and possibly other uses depending upon your software and purposes), but if you don’t need those functions I see no need for a static IP address. Good Luck!


As I understand it, you also need a fixed IP for Anonymous FTP. But that’s a whole lot more trouble than it’s probably worth.


Right you are! (Anonymous FTP was one of those "other uses / purposes I was referring to :wink: ). Thanks for adding that to the discussion; the original poster may have had that use in mind!