Limited access

I have never figured out why i have such limited access to my own site. There is some kind of limitation I keep hitting when i load up an ftp browser and try to upload to my site.

many times multiple files give me an WinNT error of something like “You do not have permission blah blah” Which is so frustrating. Dont have permission to my own site? After half of the files uploaded to my site?

Ive been a dreamhost customer for 5 years now. I would definately like to see some more user friendly changes. I would like a dictionary of explanation to a lot of the term usage that I see. Band Width Throttling? Disabled? Well… ok, i guess so.(?) I want to check my disk usage and see a pie chart not a bunch of numbers. I know I sound clueless, well that because I am. But still a paying customer.

Yup, the are ownership and permissions issues to keep in mind when managing files. You’ll get “denied” errors when doing stuff like trying to overwrite a file that is read-only, and then of course files have their own “owner” and the owner gets to set the permissions. You might want to see if your FTP program can tell you who the owner is and what permissions are on the files that cause the errors. Folders/directories also have owners and permissions too.

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Thats the problem!

I just use Windows NT Explorer and drag and drop. Im not a very advanced user. Is there a good freeware or relatively cheap FTP program? Ive used those before but ever since I figured out I can use Explorer I just stopped. I think I might need to go back.

See if the following DH Knowledge Base article is of any help:
Using the WS_FTP FTP client for Windows.

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I wonder how your files got set “read-only”. FWIW I use Windows Explorer for DH FTP upload and haven’t once had this problem.