Limited access to web interface


Is there a way to create accounts for a kind of siteadmin with only the rights to access stats, creating e-mail accounts etc?


Much of this can be set through Account Privileges under the Billing portion of the Control Panel.


Thank you,

strange that I didn’t noticed this option before.

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I have a similar question. I have setup a WebID for a user to edit only thier subdomain. I have it restricted to 1.5 GB of space however once the user logs into the Panel they are able to change the amount of space that thier only user name is restricted for. Am I missing something?

That’s a bit of a sticking point. You just have to trust that user to not up their quotas. I have set up one trusted user like this, and it hasn’t been a problem.

What is it that they need access to? I can only guess it’s one-click installs, or perhaps mail account administration.


At the present time it would simply be email admin. Granted I can setup everything this user needs and eleminate the probem as he does not need to access Panel much. However in the future I may want to setup accounts for other users that do know a bit more and could take full advantage of what can be accessed through the panel and do not want there to be a problem. Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I just thought maybe I was missing something and really didn’t want to post if it was already listed somewhere however I just couldn’t find it.