Limit size of webmail attachments

Hi good morning, took several weeks with a problem when trying to send large attachments from webmail, below will explain what were the procedures and followed, if all together we have been able to fix it:

  • First I contacted the support center dreamhost, after several ticket, they said they could not help me and directed me to this forum to find solutions. Well then as you know what I need is to send large attachments, which I did at first was cofigurarlo php, so according to the manual of dreamhost,, I set my PHPRC file and wrote the following lines:

memory_limit = -1
post_max_size = 6g
upload_max_filesize = 5g
max_execution_time = 0
max_imput_time = -1

Well, after this change, custom webmail facility I acknowledge that I have I can upload files 5g, in fact selected the file, for example 30MB and I upload it correctly, but when I click on send me what sguiente respond:

  • The installation of Squirrelmail:

Message not sent. Server replied:
Transaction failed
<[]> 554 5.7.1: Client host rejected: Access denied

  • The installation of Roundcube:

Get the message “Sending …” and can be there waiting for hours is not sent.

But if I send an email with attachments such as 8MB everything works ok. Then I thought it was problem of RoundCube file, so modifque the following lines:

session_lifetime 1440 min
min_keep_alive 86000 sec
keep_alive 86300 sec

but still not working, after that check the configuration file Squirrelmail, I thought all was well by default, so confirgure the domain name and little more, went up the file, but nothing, still not working.

Not know what else to do, if anything happens to them, or need some information that is not in this post, feel free to tell me, thank you very much for your help.

I believe you’re running into our global limit on the size of email messages. 30 MB is ridiculously large for an email attachment — if you need to send a file that large, upload it to your web site and send a link.

This took into account the option, but for convenience of users, who know only the word processor, tell them they have to upload a file and then put a link and end are confused, then my idea was that he could rule as attachment, there is no way to upload files of at least 100MB as it does in yahoo premium version. Thanks for your help