Limit Per file upload?

Hey guys ive been lookin around and i cant see the max limit per file ? anyone know what it is ??

example can i upload a 100mb .zip ?? or a max of 10mb etccc

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Upload a simple php page to your server that runs the phpinfo() function. My server returns this:

post_max_size - 8M upload_max_filesize - 7M 100 MB at one time is simply not possible through a web interface. You’ll either have to use ftp, or upload portions of an archive file that gets reassembled.

If you upload via ftp or scp there is no hard limit… I had a mirror of some linux conferences about 650MB or even more… even a DVD image of Debconf… that is like 4GB… it takes time… but you can use your space as you like as far as you don’t break the TOS


Thanks heaps guys =D yeah ill use ftp hehe :stuck_out_tongue:
its only 17mb, the 100mb was just an example:)

Cheers for the help:)

I’m mirroring some particularly large files too, and they can be downloaded fine with a web browser most of the time. My response was regarding file uploads because I think that’s what the OP was asking.

Just a note to remember that some “old timers” still use perl and other CGI capable scripting languages and those languages are not subject to the PHP web-interface upload filesize limits.

I know everybody seems to only think in terms of PHP now days, but there are “many ways to skin the same cat” :wink:


By the way I forgot to make a commercial about… I was testing the pipe and disk space also…
You can get the DVDs from Debconf6 that was done on May this year on Mexico. Disc 1en & 2en are English (formal presentatios), Disc 1es Is Debian Day… that was spanish only presentations. If you need to test speed on download be my guest this are huge files ;D very good to test the DH pipe ;D and yours also.

This is a mirror of

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