Limit on number of messages in email inbox?

Do you guys limit how much mail is stored on the IMAP servers? I’d like to keep all of my email for a lifetime.

I don’t believe there’s any limit, expect overall plan storage limits. You might want to double check with support on that one, just to be sure. Also, it would be smart to make sure you’re backing up your E-mail some how…


You get 600 to 6200 email accounts depending on the plan.

As for storage it is included in the storage calculation according to your plan.

Here are the things that use up storage:

  • disk usage by user (all your domain folders)
  • disk usage by mailbox
  • disk usage by database
  • disk usage by discussion list

Bandwidth is also a consideration but I would think email bandwidth is usually << website bandwidth.


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How much email am I allowed to store?

[quote]The amount of email you store on your account is counted against your overall storage quota.

You can view the storage quotas for each plan on the DreamHost site.[/quote]

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I agree with matttail that you should check with Support and please let us know what you learn. On my IMAP Service Providers page in the DreamHost section, I say that a DreamHost IMAP INBOX is limited to 3000 messages, but I don’t know if that is still true. My strategy is to file all my messages in submailboxes (aka subfolders), i.e., IMAP boxes that are under the INBOX. This also seems to hide messages from the daemon that likes to move messages to the .old-messages box. As far as I know, you can use your entire 4800+ MB for IMAP-accessible messages (as long as they aren’t in INBOXes!).

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