Limit FTP user's access to a specific directory

Is there a way to limit a ftp user’s access to instead of the entire domain I’m trying to keep ftp user from accessing the logs folder via their ftp client… tried changing permission on the logs folder, but that only last for 1 day then for some reason it reverts back to full access. thanks.


It’d be easier to Remap.


thanks scott.

but that only works for http, right? i tried remapping, but when i log in as a user through a ftp client, it still leads me straight to the roots of


If you create a specific ftp user for the task, the result should be the newly created user only has access to their own userspace/logs rather than the domain’s data. If necessary you could then remap their upload directory to any http accessible folder you like within,

Remapping is (basically) “for http”.

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To specifically answer your question: You can not set your own restrictions for the FTP protocol. Each user gets their own home directory, and in this directory will be a logs directory, and if they are managing the files for a site, the HTTP server will store the logs there.

If you do not want a user to manage files for all of a site as well as run CGI scripts, then as Scott suggests you can “Remap Sub-dir” to have the server alias a url-path to a directory in the other user’s home directory.

Otherwise you can develop CGI or shell scripts that can ‘sync’ the files from the other user to the domain user given you turn off Extra Security and have appropriate UNIX permssions.

If the users are connecting via SCP or SFTP, you can turn on the Extra Security for the users so they cannot access each others files. But then you would need something like Rsync in order to transfer files via SSH.

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thanks guys. guess there’s no way to limit a user’s access to their own assigned userspace/logs.

i was hoping i could set up a subdomain for users to upload/download files via ftp without the need to worry about anyone tempering with the logs files. guess i just have to keep an eye out on who has access and at what time. thanks again everyone…

What kind of tampering are you concerned about? The recent log files are root owned and cannot be modified by the user.


So, is the conclusion that here is no way to Limit FTP user’s access to a specific directory on the server?

Just like Jimmyz, we too would like to create client FTP user names that only allow to access certain directory on the server. Doing so prevents multiple clients from looking at each-others stuff.

@Sdayman, I think the concern here is privacy.