Limit ftp to one domain

I set up a new domain that I want to give ftp access to another user, but I don’t want them to have access to the main account and other domains.

How can i set this up?


Change the FTP user to someone else:


Thanks and that worked, but not as I expected.

  • I added a new domain under my account.
  • I would like to create 2 ftp users that can access the domain for uploading files.
  • The 2 ftp users should not have access to any other areas of my account.

I’m running into problems when I add a new user2 and check the “Copy domain’s files to new user?” box, i loose the ftp user1 access to the domain.

I would like me, user1, and user2 to have access to the domain. user1 and user2 can only access the domain, but not the other domains in my account.


The easiest way would for both to use the same FTP account. UNIX isn’t designed for co-ownership. The other way is this:


Create a user0 to handle the domain and share the login info.

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