Limit Domain Disk Usage


I want to create a User with a Domain assigned wich will have 3 or 4 mail accounts.

How can I limit the Global Disk Usage to 2GB (domain pages + mail accounts + mysql + …) to this user/domain?

thank you very much

You can limit the total disk usage of the user by simply setting that limit in the Control Panel (“Edit” the user and set the desired limit), as both mail and web site storage is included in those limits.

Now, the panel now does say that the above limits are for total storage, but I’m not sure it actually limits MySQL disk storage - I’ve never tested it and it is not specifically addressed in DH documentation AFAIK. :wink:

EDIT I’m told by a “reliable source” via the #dreamhost IRC channel of freenode that you cannot currently limit MySQL database storage by user.


Ok, thank you very much!!!