Limit connections to server


Recently I’ve got a message from dh support, that some of my domains in account generates much load because of big number of parellel downloads. That guy also wrote that it will be good to provide some limitations on parallel connections number to throttle the load. I asked then what limitations he recommends and he answered that he have no clue about it.

I decided to ask some of my friends who admin web-hosting. All of them told me that I should provide limitations on total number of parallel connections and connections per IP. But nobody told me about the number of connactions, because the only man who can decide it is admin of specific server.

So, colud you please suggest me these limitations???

PS: please note that i am talking about domains, that a totally for file download purposes. No for anything else (webpages or whatever)!


Hey Dailer, repost here with your domain name or send me a private message with it so that I can locate your account and support history. Thanks!