Lighttp Installation (PS)

I recently moved over to a Dreamhost PS because I wanted more stability and the ability to run a lightweight web server.

I assumed it would be straight forward being lighttp was mentioned all throughout the documentation (i.e. if you are having load issues install lighttp, nginx et al.)

Well, when it came time to install it I immediately ran into problems.

Is there actually a way to install this without having root access? (w/ the followup question being can someone please point me in the right direction if there is.)


p.s. I also tried nginx but could not figure out how to get fcgi working.

So I am guessing that this arena is a knowledge black hole?

I got this response from support:

You can actually install lighthttpd on your PS without root, so long as
you use a port other than 80.

…and that is all well and fine, but the “how” part is alluding me as I can’t seem to compile without running into permission issues.

I’ve used linux for years, but am a dunce in this area as I could always su and make install - and in this case I can not.


Like it sucks our brains dry?

I’m not a PS user, but if I were to make a wild guess, stuff like often goes in /usr/local. If you were to instead re-create the same structure (etc, bin, etc) in ~/local, that might be worth a shot. It’s just an application that’s always running and listening on a port.


I ended up getting a solution in place.

I installed nginx and then used php5 that I compiled with php-fpm.