Life of free domain at Dreamhost?

“Also, since all our plans include one FREE domain registration for the life of the hosting”

What does this mean? I think it means that my domain include with my webhosting at Dreamhost will active and free till I continue with Dreamhost webhosting. Is it have any fee or free for life?

That is correct. The ‘free’ domain registration remains ‘free’ for as long as you maintain your hosting plan with DreamHost.

Every year, just before your plan anniversary date, you are given 1 ‘domain credit’. You can use this credit to renew the registration of your initial domain, or you can let that domain lapse and register an entirely different domain, the choice is yours.


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the one free domain will continue to be renewed for you for free as long as you are an active customer of DH. unless you cancel your hosting plan, don’t pay up on time, or something else along those lines that domain will be free.

There is no fee or anything, just as long as you’re still a paying DH customer that domain will be free. I’ve had mine for three years now. If you decide to leave Dreamhost you can keep registering it here or transfer it away.

–Matttail - personal website

when you sign up an account, you see two options. one is to register a new domain. one is to register a subdomain.

The new domain is the free one included in the plan. If you choose to register a new domain, you are registering the free domain. If you choose to register subdomain, the free domain is not used and will be in your plan as long as you are with DH.

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