I’m not sure about other shared hosting servers in the DH environment, but mine is currently reading as version 7.21.0. The current version is 7.29.0. There’ve been a number of fixes, additions, and more importantly SECURITY fixes.

I’m particularly looking more towards one of the NTLM fixes, but with regard to keeping a more secure environment, I’d imagine it would make sense to update this library since it’s 8 versions out now with a few security bulletins as well.

I’d build it myself but support told me that I shouldn’t so I’m requesting the update informally instead.


Did Support say why you shouldn’t build it yourself ?

Not specifically. I’m pretty sure it’s because that portion of the OS is not account-contained within the shell and would instead modify the core OS systems…and as I eluded to, I am running on shared hosting.
Below is their message from when I had contacted them.
Unfortunately my administration has not approved any move to a different form of hosting as the update is not “business critical”, but not having it is unfortunately quite a nuisance to our users.
At this point, however, I’m a little concerned that we’re 8 versions back, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to post in the forums.

[quote=‘Dreamhost Support’]> Is there any possibility, or any plan to upgrade curl/libcurl to a version

that supports NTLMv2?

If not, is this something that I would be capable of doing in my shared
environment that would keep it sandboxed to only my account(s)?

Sure I can answer this for you. Though I am sorry but we do not have any information as to when curl and libcurl would be updated. Unfortunately you would not be able to upgrade libcurl and curl on your shared server. Though if you upgrade to a VPS you could do this using an admin user with “sudo” privileges.[/quote]